I Needed a New Movie Date

I was invited to a movie premiere and planned to bring a date with me, but she ditched me at the last minute. She told me that she had a prior engagement, even though I told her about the premiere a month in advance. I later found out that this excuse was nothing more than a lie, because she went out with some guy instead of going with me. Left with no one to go with, I was just going to go to premiere alone, but instead I made a date out of one of the Salt Lake City escorts. Things went a lot better than if I had gone with my original date.

The escort and I drove to the movie premiere and we had a nice talk along the way. She looked amazing and I couldn’t help but ask her if she was some kind of runway model. She laughed, and told me no, and that it wasn’t the first time that she had been asked a question like that, but it was the first time that someone asked it in a sincere manner. As the movie started, things were going normally as they would at any movie, but the escort and I started to covertly get intimate, and we stopped looking at the screen. After the movie credits started rolling and the audience started applauding, the escort and I noticed that we missed most of the movie and started laughing about the situation.

Since the escort and I didn’t pay much attention during the movie, I have to see it again, and I’m going to bring the escort with me. Maybe this time we’ll pay attention to the plot of the movie, but I doubt it. I’m ready to see the movie with the escort as many times as possible that it takes for me to understand the plot of the movie.