Interlocked Floating Vinyl Flooring Was Easy to Install

There are three different ways to lay down vinyl flooring. The first way is floating, which is the easiest in my opinion. When I had to choose between the floating method, the full spread method and the peel and stick method, the floating method seemed the least complicated way. With the other two, you do have to involve adhesives, which can get messy. With the floating method, you just put the planks and tiles together like a puzzle piece. You connect them together through interlocked pieces, and they are very sturdy once they are all connected.

I wanted a flooring that would hold up against my pets too. I knew that there are different types of vinyl flooring, so I did my homework and researched all the different kinds. I have three large dogs, so I need a vinyl flooring that would stand up to a lot of heavy foot, or paw, traffic. It can get quite rainy here too, so I did not want flooring that would end up getting ruined because of a lot of wet foot traffic. I wanted something that would be easy to mop up if it got wet.

After researching different kinds of flooring and different ways to install each one, I knew that I was making the right choice in my decision. I had considered having a professional install the flooring but I ended up doing it myself. In my research, I had come across a site that explained in easy language how to install a new vinyl floor. It was extremely easy for me since I have done a lot of DIY projects in the past. By doing it myself, I saved a lot of money. Now, I can put those extra dollars to use in more DIY projects that will make my home look even nicer than it does now.


The Hair and the Heat

It’s been weird dealing with the weather in the Bronx lately. I had a repair on an HVAC in Bronx done recently because my barbershop’s air conditioner wasn’t working. The customers were complaining about it being too hot while they were waiting for their turn to have their hair cut. I didn’t expect it to get so hot so soon, but this year has been a mix of strange weather events, from snow when there shouldn’t be any, to intense heat when it should be cold. I swear something is wrong with the Earth, and it’s only going to get worse.

As for the repairs that were done to the air conditioner, a few parts needed to be replaced for it to work again. I used a local company to get the repairs done. One person in my shop told me about a person who they knew that could do repairs to the air conditioner, but I decided to go with a professional. I would rather have someone who is licensed and bonded to work on my air conditioner than someone who just happens to know how to use a few tools to fix somethings. If anything went wrong, this random person wouldn’t have been able to do anything to help me.

My customers were satisfied again after the repairs on the air conditioner were complete. Since the wait to get a hair cut can be pretty long sometimes, especially on the weekends when a lot of people are out of school or work and need to have their hair cut, I can understand why the customers would want to be as cool as possible. A lot of people sitting in a room without any working air will get hot pretty fast, and they won’t want to stick around to wait for a free barber chair.