I Needed to Order USB Flash Drives

I wanted to get some promotional USB flash drives, but I was not sure where to get them as I had never ordered anything like this before. I wanted to get the best price possible because I knew that I would need to order a huge quantity of them. I compared a few different companies, and I finally decided to order metal USB flash drives from the first one I looked at. I was impressed with their variety of flash drives from the start, but I wanted to see if other companies had prices that were comparative.

Two things I noticed is that the company I went with my for USB flash drive purchase was definitely the best priced of all the ones that I had looked at. Continue reading


My New Girlfriend is a Bit Strange

Of course I do not mean that in a bad way, at least not so far. It has been pretty much a matter of sexual exploration. In fact I sort of wonder if she is more interested in girls than she is in men. It started the other day when she showed me this web page that called itself a threesome finder. Of course she correctly guessed that of the two options for something of this sort, only one of them held any interest to me. I am not overly jealous of other men, but I have absolutely no urge to get in bed with one. That just is not something I have any desire to do or even to think about. It is not something that I have ever even considered for a single moment. I certainly would not do it. Continue reading